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process - I primarily use a direct plaster method to create a negative mold from a model. a thin wet plaster layer is applied to the greased (vaseline) skin followed by a second laminating layer of plaster and fiberglass mat. total work time is about 20 min. I occasionally use plaster gauze or alginate depending on the project. A positive cast (statue) is then created later. It usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to complete the final statue.    
posing - poses generally need to be relaxed in order to hold comfortably. Twisting, and leaning can help replace flexing to show off specific features. Undercuts and encasement have to be avoided in order to allow the model to escape from the mold.     
modeling - Obviously, being comfortable with this type of process/genre is needed. Being able to hold a pose is more important than a specific look. Since I work with plaster, body hair and piercings can be an issue. There are ways to work around some but generally the less you have the better.     
post production - the mold gives a rough form in which I create an artistic interpretation of it. Separate molds can be combined into one, a cloth wrap is sometimes added or a special painted finish is applied. Watch the animanted picture below to see how drastically a statue can change in appearance.

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